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Online Pharmacies Fuel US Pill Addiction

Online pharmacies are popping up left and right, providing prescription drugs without a prescription and causing quite a stir in the medical community. These pharmacies are often located outside the United States, but provide pills like Xanax, Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycontin and more to those who only take the drug to abuse it.

It wasn’t long ago that the method to getting these drugs was to purchase them without a prescription at a Mexican pharmacy. Prescription pill smuggling is a billion-dollar industry, leaving many southern cities like Dallas, Texas or Albuquerque, New Mexico with some of the easiest access to narcotics without a prescription. Because of the internet, these pills can be shipped anywhere. It is not only that these pills are being abused, but that often times, people are not getting the medicine they ordered, leaving them with other, dangerous side effects to treat.

Pill addiction is quickly replacing other illegal drugs, like marijuana, cocaine and heroin. People feel that because these pills were created in a laboratory, by medical scientists and doctors, they can provide a safe high. That is completely false. These pills can treat pain safely under a doctor’s care and only for a limited time. Products like Vicodin have acetaminophen in them; it can be detrimental to your liver over long-time usage. There is no safe high. Each pain pill and sedative on the market come with dangerous side effects if misused. So many lose their lives each year because of pill addiction.

Vista Taos Renewal Center in Taos, New Mexico knows how hard it can be to overcome pill addiction. That’s why they’re ready to talk to you about treatment options 24 hours a day. It is possible to more comfortably detox from pain pills and overcome aching process your body goes through while it retunes itself to live healthily, free from narcotics. Please call Vista Taos today, don’t be a pain pill addiction statistic.

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