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Online Class Educates Young Adults about Alcohol Addiction

A new class, called AlcoholEdu for College, is being offered to college students as a way to educate them on the dangers of alcoholism. The course, which is available online, shows the consequences of excessive drinking including problems such as binge drinking and sexual assault. The program is set up in a unique way that allows students to visualize themselves in real life situations and them asks them how they would react to those situations.

Through AlcoholEdu, freshman students are able to see the reality of how destructive excessive drinking can be and how their choices can impact their lives in negative ways. The class was created in order to lessen the amount of students getting into trouble with law enforcement. And as luck would have it, the program has seen a reduction in the amount of students having problems with alcohol.

AlcoholEdu only takes three hours to complete making it simple and easy to understand and process. This type of alcohol treatment program consists of various surveys on drinking habits, quizzes and facts and statistics on the use and abuse of alcohol. A staggering 40 percent of college students in the U.S. engage in poor drinking habits that only lead to awful consequences. Worse than that, almost 2,000 college students a year die in an alcohol-related circumstance.

These numbers should scare anyone into thinking twice before getting involved with alcohol. Anyone dealing with an alcohol addiction will tell you it is no way to live. Through an alcohol treatment center like Vista Taos, a person can find the necessary tools and help to start living a sober and healthy life. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, please contact Vista Taos today for more information on treating this deadly disease.

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