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Oklahoma’s Growing Problem with Alcohol

No matter which state you’re in, the odds are that one of the most abused drugs in your area is alcohol.  Oklahoma is now ranked 15th in the nation for domestic violence. Digging further into the study, drugs and alcohol have been found to be associated in numerous reported cases.  How does something as simple as a beverage do so much damage? 

Many Oklahoma residents enjoy coming home after a stressful day at the office and unwinding with a drink.  A doctor from Liverpool, England,  has released a study that may have a few answers.  Alcohol relaxes us because neurotransmitters in our brains are reacting to the drug.  When we continue to drink at higher levels, the stress hormone known as Cortisol becomes elevated.  It’s not healthy to have increased levels of Cortisol.  Yet when we withdraw from drinking after making a habit of it, the levels change again and can bring about even more undesirable feelings.  When these neurotransmitters are messed with, our decision making skills are clouded.  Could this perhaps be linked to the high numbers of Oklahoma domestic violence cases in 2010? 

Alcohol treatment can be difficult, as abstaining can be quite a system shocker.  But just as the levels were altered for the bad, alcohol treatment can provide help to get your mind and body back on the right tack.  The stress associated with detoxification is short-term; that’s the mindset someone entering recovery needs to keep reminding themselves.  Vista Taos Alcohol Treatment center can help alleviate some of the initial pain and anxiety through a medically monitored detoxification process, group and individual counseling and complementary therapies including meditation, massage and licensed therapy from experts in a relaxed, non-medical setting. 

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