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Oklahoma Taking Stand Against Growing Marijuana

Working out of Norman, Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics have been spending a great deal of time tracking and destroying marijuana crops. With the latest techniques, they’ve been covering ground in many areas of the state. Their hard work is resulting in a great payoff. Just a few decades ago when the pot sweeps were just starting out, they found and destroyed about 200,000 plants. The past few years have still produced many finds, but the numbers are only in the tens of thousands.

The Narcotics Bureau starts their marijuana sweeps in early summer and continues until the first freeze. They hope to continue to have successful marijuana eradication missions and spread the word that Oklahoma is not the state to try and grow marijuana for sale.

The news on marijuana has been a hot topic as of recently. Many states are revising the laws and even allowing marijuana to be used for medical purposes. Despite those who consider this drug to be of use for medical purposes, it is an addictive substance. Not only is it addictive, the medical benefits that marijuana holds are not that good when compared to the negatives. Smoking marijuana can cause lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema. Unlike filtered cigarettes, those who smoke marijuana most likely aren’t adding any filtration device to cut down on the thousands of dangerous compounds that enter their system when ingested. If marijuana was so helpful for medical assistance, why would pharmaceutical companies bother with creating Marinol, a synthetic THC in pill form? The pill is widely available through prescription in the United States and is approved by the FDA for treating patients that suffer from cancer and other serious ailments.

Regardless of the so-called benefits of the drug, marijuana addiction is a serious reality. If you or a loved one needs help with marijuana addiction, please contact New Mexico’s experts in substance abuse rehabilitation at Vista Taos Drug Renewal Center.

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