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Oklahoma Raises Their Boating Alcohol Limits

An Oklahoma bill recently made its way through the state’s House and Senate that would lower the legal blood alcohol level for boaters which would align with the state’s legal limit for motorists. For boaters currently drinking on the water, they must keep their alcohol blood level below .10 or risk legal consequences. Oklahoma is now working to lower the level to .08. This is a wise idea for Oklahoma.

Many people do not realize how dangerous it is to drink and operate a boat at the same time. A boat is a very powerful machine on water that can do significant and deadly damage to anyone who might be involved in a boating accident, especially if they are drinking too. The U.S. Coast Guard states that most boating accidents involve alcohol and this is the main reason why Oklahoma has decided to lower the alcohol limit to further protect their citizens.

Through this new law, boaters would be required to submit to an alcohol test or risk getting arrested for boating while under the influence. First time offense could cost an offender up to $1,000 dollars and second time offenses could cost up to $2,500 in fines. It could also cost boaters time in alcohol rehab.

Remember it is never a good idea to drink and drive a boat or a vehicle. Add in the factors of being out in the hot sun and having little to eat, and the effects of drinking are heightened, making operating a boat that much more dangerous.  Always be careful when operating a vehicle or a boat and keep alcohol out of the mix. For more information on why drinking and driving is unsafe and how alcohol rehab can help you or a loved one, visit Vista Taos Renewal Center today. If you’re in the Oklahoma area, Vista Taos is located a state away in New Mexico and is ready and willing to get you on the right path to a lifetime of sobriety.

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