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Oklahoma Pain Pill Epidemic

Some doctors in Oklahoma may have overstepped their boundaries into drug-dealing territory. And this can happen without doctors realizing the part they may play in providing prescription drugs to addicts.

The line between prescribing drugs for legitimate pain and prescribing pills for addiction is relatively thin, and if doctors do not ask enough appropriate questions before writing a script, they can easily give addicts access to drugs. Unfortunately for the medical community, doctors who ask few questions can get a reputation for prescribing easily and attract patients from a hundreds-of-miles radius. 

In Oklahoma, the problem of overprescribing has reached levels that attract drug addicts from Texas, Kansas and Arkansas. In fact, recent cases have showcased a leniency in some Oklahoma doctors: Dr. Amar Nath Bhandary faces criminal charges for his role in prescribing medications to five persons who overdosed in roughly a one year period, and many doctors have been disciplined by the state’s medical board for overprescribing almost 50 times since 2007.

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