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Oklahoma Drug Arrests Increase

There is most definitely a connection to increased drug use during times of economic distress.  In 2008, a study put out by the DEA showed a significant increase in the number of adult drug-related arrests.  More than 10,000 people in Oklahoma were arrested for marijuana possession in 2008.  With these numbers being so high, it’s only common sense that a respectable residential treatment program is available to people in Oklahoma who need help.  Receiving treatment before being arrested or incarcerated would be ideal, and now people have the choice to get excellent inpatient treatment before suffering the consequences that are sure to come with drug addiction.

A residential treatment program is going to allow a person to be away from the atmosphere that created their current situation.  At Vista Taos Residential Treatment Program in New Mexico, the Oklahoman seeking treatment can actually leave their home state, but not travel too far to get help.  They’ve been treating addiction since 1994 in a peaceful and uplifting environment. 

As the drug arrests in Oklahoma continue to rise, treatment becomes more and more relevant.  Residential drug treatment can detour people because of the cost and the fear of leaving their comfort zone for 30-120 days during therapy.  However, unlike the legal system, Vista Taos will work with you to make your recovery manageable on your finances.  The cost of a quality residential treatment program is a drop in the bucket compared to the costs if you are prosecuted for drug trafficking or other serious drug offenses.  The fees for the lawyer alone could be cost prohibitive.  Prison does not typically offer comprehensive support and counseling as you prepare to re-enter life without drugs or alcohol.  It’s never too late for a new start.

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