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Oklahoma Considering Prescriptions to Get Pseudoephedrine

Oklahoma is looking into a law comparable to an Oregon law which enforces a prescription requirement for pseudoephedrine, which is the key ingredient used in methamphetamines. By restricting availability to this drug, Oklahoma is hoping to curb meth addiction and usage in the state.

Oregon has already seen success in creating this law. The law requiring a prescription was enforced in 2005 and, since then meth labs have declined within the state, if not disappeared altogether. Oklahoma is hoping to gain this same success in alleviating meth addiction and access to meth supplies.

What this law implies is that medications such as Sudafed and similar products would now need a prescription instead of being readily available over the counter for purchase. Methamphetamines are a scary and highly addictive drug. Most users become instantly addicted and have urges for more almost immediately. With the help of law makers enforcing restrictions on drugs used in meth, it can help curb addiction and limit availability of drug use.

Law makers can do their part to help keep drugs off the street, but those battling meth addiction also desperately need the help found in rehabilitation centers. At Vista Taos, users are welcomed with open arms because all they want is for you to get better and overcome your addiction. If you or a loved one is suffering from this disease, please do not hesitate to seek the treatment and comfort they need.

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