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Oklahoma City Sergeant Receives Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk driving is an offense that is not immune to any profession, it seems. Doctors, lawyers, corporate presidents and even police officers can be caught behind the wheel after drinking, often with grave consequences.

That’s what happened in McIntosh County, Oklahoma earlier this spring. A nine-year veteran of the Oklahoma City police force was arrested for drunk driving after he crashed his car. Thankfully, the single-car accident did not afflict any other drivers.

Sergeant Benjamin Nikkel was arrested after a McIntosh County Sherriff’s deputy and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol found Nikkel near the crash. Nikkel was off duty at the time, but alcohol abuse was suspected. Moving forward, more details about the accident and crime should become apparent through a criminal investigation.

Sadly, cases like these are much too common in professions of power and prestige, which begs the question: should those in certain professions be punished more heavily? As of now, the answer is elusive. However, one answer to the troubles in any career is alcohol rehab.

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