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Notorious Santa Fe Criminal Back in Jail on Cocaine Charges

One of Santa Fe’s most high-profile criminals is facing charges once again for violating his parole. Daniel Martinez, 46, was acquitted for a murder and a rape charge in 1992, and the highly publicized trial has made him a well-known local criminal. However, his run-ins with the law have been numerous in the years since, and Martinez has spent many years in prison, off and on, in the two decades following his acquittal.

Many of Martinez’s crimes have been drug related, although one of his more recent non-drug-related crimes, a May 2010 kidnapping led to a probation charge in effect through October 2016. Since his sentencing in the kidnapping case, Martinez has been arrested twice for probation violations. Recently, Martinez and his wife allegedly attacked a woman in their home, but charges were dropped in this January 3, 2012, incident.

This most recent arrest occurred Wednesday, March 21, after Martinez tested positive for cocaine use, which is a violation of his parole. Martinez alleges that his doctor prescribed him medication that contained cocaine. He is scheduled to be released on May 29th barring any delays.

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