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NFL Picks Arrested for Public Intoxication in Dallas Area

Being an NFL player carries a lot of prestige, but some of the issues players deal with concerning substance abuse is not to be idolized. Recently, in various parts of the country, NFL players have been popped for public intoxication, DUIs and other drug and alcohol-related charges.

The latest players to make the headlines reside in Dallas, Texas and were recently arrested for public intoxication. All three players arrested previously played for TCU, but two of them were also once in the NFL. Stephen Hodge played for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2010 season and Jerry Hughes played for the Indianapolis Colts just last season. So why are these highly successful men making headlines by going to jail instead of scoring touchdowns?

Being a part of the NFL is a big deal and can make players feel untouchable even when they are not on the field. They also have easier access to drugs and alcohol than the average person would. Unfortunately, these players are not untouchable and an addiction to alcohol plays a major role in their legal issues and their health.

A recent study showed that 28% of arrests of NFL players are from DUIs alone. This is a staggering number and looking into alcohol rehab would be incredibly beneficial for these football players. It is hard for anyone to say no to alcohol and drugs when they are constantly around their lifestyle and job. This is why it is so important that something be done sooner than later to assist these NFL players to a happier and healthier lifestyle by receiving alcohol rehab treatment.

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