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New Mexico’s DWI Call Program Successful

Police in New Mexico have reached out to cell phone users in an attempt to crack down on drunk driving. And it’s working.

The #DWI Drunk Busters campaign works to connect citizens with police by opening an easy line of communication between the police and citizen cell phone users across the state. Whenever a citizen sees a potential drunk driver on the road, he can call #-D-W-I for access to police assistance, making it much easier for citizens to report the potential DWI crime.

Once the call comes in, police dispatch alerts officers of any details the driver had to offer about the potential drunk driver. Officers then pursue the offending driver.

New Mexico State Police have been running the #DWI Drunk Busters campaign for months, and the preliminary data shows that the campaign was successful in the months of January and February. The program led to about 1400 calls per month, roughly 140 traffic stops each month and around 25 DWI arrests per month. In fact, exact numbers show an increase in the program’s success from January to February; 23 DWI arrests were made in January while 30 DWI arrests were made in February.

While the numbers are promising, arresting drivers who drive drunk is only the first step the state makes in addressing the overwhelming drunk driving problem. New Mexico rehab centers also play an integral part in the state’s plan to minimize the high volume of statewide drunk driving. New Mexico rehab centers like Vista Taos Renewal Center can help those convicted of DWI or those seeking assistance with alcohol rehabilitation.

If you or someone you love suffers from alcoholism, call Vista Taos Renewal Center today. The average cost of a DWI after fines and lawyers have been paid is around $7,000.00. Your money is better spent elsewhere. Seek help before you see those flashing lights in your rearview mirror.

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