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New Mexico: Mind, Body, Spirit

Reaching your goal of recovery involves a lot more than just stopping the use of alcohol or drugs. It means learning once again just who you are and what you stand for in this world. There’s no better place to work toward that goal than in a rehab center in New Mexico, a place where recovery can happen.

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment. It is a place filled with the lore of the native wise ones gone before us, a sanctuary for deep exploring rituals that teach us who we are. Embedded into the culture of this area among the people who know how to make a difference is a sense of Earth stewardship. The Earth matters. The animals are important to us. We are here to help one another as well as ourselves.

You cannot attain the next level of recovery if you do not believe in yourself. As you work toward a natural, holistic healing of your body and soul, you will begin to remember the things about yourself that were true a long time ago, things you haven’t thought about in ages: You were good at writing. You loved to draw. You knew how to set words down as poetry.

No matter what your skills were, the things that made you unique, you will rediscover them as you move closer and closer to your goal.  You never really lost those skills; you just buried them beneath the layers of addiction. As you move further away from addiction and dependency, you will slowly reawaken and remember the person you actually are deep inside. 

Recovery begins when you come to New Mexico and experience an infusion of hope. It flows into your body as you approach the city of Taos. There is truly no sight on Earth as stunning as driving up the Rio Grande Canyon, and, at the top, coming upon the gorge bridge. You experience a spiritual chiaroscuro of your somber past limned—enlightened—by the muted, majestic reds and browns of the earth and mountains before you. The blue skies embrace the peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the distance.  

When you come to a rehabilitation center in New Mexico, you are not far from the Taos Pueblo, home of the Tiwa Native Americans for over a thousand years. They are a people steeped in spirituality, and they believe the single most important event in their history has been the recent restoration of Blue Lake to their lands. Their legends hold that the Tiwa people originally came from the lake itself.

Characteristic of the Tiwa is their feeling of community, the feeling that they are “all in one nest,” as they say. Each adult in the community has a responsibility to provide service for others from time to time, to ensure that no single person’s desires can ever eclipse the good of the community. 

The beauty of the land, the spirituality of the Tiwa, and the power of the mountains will imbue in you a sense of belonging to a therapeutic community as you enter into recovery. Treatment is holistic, and recovery becomes natural. You can meditate and you can lift your face into the sun. Adjunct therapies including equine therapy restore you emotionally and acupuncture, if you choose it, can make a physical difference. You can relearn who you once were in a rehabilitation center.  New Mexico is a place where you can begin to heal. For more information contact Vista Taos at 1.800.245.8267.

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