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Proven Addiction Treatment in Taos, New Mexico

Vista Taos is a place to renew your life. We help you to address addictive behaviors and heal the damage caused by substance use.

Vista Taos Renewal Center is a place to renew to your fullest potential. We break the destructive course of addiction and heal the damage it has caused through a series of evidence-based methods. 

Since 1994, we’ve helped those who want to transform their lives – let us help you find recovery through holistic healing.

About Us

Insurances We Work With

We provide a comfortable  and safe detoxification program. Residents can continue their treatment at our main campus after detox concludes.
Primary Treatment
Our private center serves men and women struggling with addictions of all kinds. We offer care in a therapeutically rich environment.
Holistic Programming
Our holistic addiction treatment programming includes yoga, nature therapy, meditation, nutrition, regular outings, and massage.
Extended Care
Research has shown time and time again that the longer a person spends in addiction treatment, the more positive their outcomes.

Individualized Addiction Treatment

It's not too late to recover from addiction. Renew your spirit at Vista Taos.

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Vista Taos Renewal Center has connected with a wide variety of insurance providers in order to make treatment affordable for as many people as possible.

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CARF accredited rehab

A CARF-Accredited Recovery Center

CARF® International is the gold standard for rehabilitation facilities. CARF has accredited more than 60,000 programs worldwide, including ours.

CARF certification goes far beyond a seal of approval on our website or a framed certificate on our wall. Instead, it testifies to our ability to provide a holistic, person-centered approach to recovery.

"Vista Taos was the miracle I so desperately needed. When I found myself lost, hopeless and felt my life had no purpose, the program and the staff at Vista saved my life. 

All the staff are in recovery, which enabled them to truly understand the depth of pain in which I had been, and to give examples in their own life from which I could learn. 

The intimacy of the program not only addressed my addiction, but also the reasons I had turned to using substances; the root of my problems. 

Vista gave me the tools I needed to rise above my addiction and continue on in my health and recovery once I left the facility. 

From morning meditations to housing to food, Vista soars above other facilities of its kind. I highly recommend Vista – set aside any fears and prepare for healing!"

Alumni Testimonial