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New Mexico Drug Addiction is on the Rise

From Farmington to Las Cruces, the drug problem increases for the people living in New Mexico.  Any drug abuse treatment center in the state of New Mexico is more than aware of the growing problem.  In a recent 2008 report of drug seizures from New Mexico, the DEA has listed: cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine as the three major drugs taking over the state.

The border between Mexico and New Mexico is vast.  Wide open desert with little inhabitants nearby have made it easier for drug smugglers to cross the border to distribute.  The largely populated city of Albuquerque has become a “hub for heroin” as the younger generations turn to drugs for recreation…and then inevitably lifestyle.  New Mexico drug abuse treatment center Vista Taos has been working diligently to offer the best addiction therapies for people across the state.  They’re also providing assistance to people in neighboring states, like Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Because of New Mexico’s geographic location, there is little hope that drugs will stop being so prevalent in the area.  The best course of action is to seek professional treatment, like what is offered at Vista Taos Drug Abuse Treatment Center and then try to move on.  Relocating to smaller cities may help, as the major cities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico are known for being stopping points for drug traffickers and providing easy access to supply as they move on to other large cities all over the United States.  But, even more importantly is identifying a drug treatment center that can help you address the problem and learn new lifestyle and coping skills.  If you’re tired of letting your addiction run your life, find out if there is a treatment program out there for you.

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