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New Mexico DEA Warns Pills Lead To Seeking Harder Drugs

People these days are beginning to become addicted to hard drugs like heroin through legal substances like pain pills. With about ten percent of young adults reporting they have taken prescription medications without a prescription, DEA agents are beginning to crack down on the doctor’s offices that may prescribe medications too easily. 

In a sting operation earlier this year, DEA agents investigated many doctor’s offices that had been reported as easy prescribers. They found that some patients jump from one easy-prescribing office to another in search of narcotic drugs. The drugs were then available for young adults to purchase on the black market or pilfer from adults’ medicine cabinets.

Once these young people became addicted to legal narcotic drugs, they often found that drugs like oxycodone and Vicodin were too expensive on the black market. So many young adults sought cheaper illegal drugs that could offer the same kind of high, like heroin. In essence, legal narcotic pain pills have become the new gateway drug to heroin abuse.

Since possession of legal narcotic drugs is not illegal, it has been a little more difficult for the DEA to investigate the trend. Agents must dig deeper to determine whether a young adult in possession of a narcotic drug is a legitimate act of pain prevention or an illegal act of drug addiction.

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