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Nature Vs Nurture How Does Drug Addiction Find You?

Many psychologists argue the Nature vs. Nurture Theory.  While some agree whole-heartedly that it may be in your nature to be a drug addict, no matter how well-educated you are against it, the other side will say it is completely environmental.  Then there are those who are undecided.  Could a combination of both heredity and environment make people the way they are?  Many scientific sources are saying: Yes.

There have been too many documented cases of people “beating the odds” when genetics has dealt them a poor hand.  Families that struggle through addiction can and often do have offspring who do not.  The science behind genetic predictors is that if it runs in the family, there is a higher percentage that it will be passed down.  Information is yet to be discovered by scientists in regards to linking a gene variation to a definite disorder.  Even the strongest ties still produce very weak results in lab testing.  However, one thing is for sure: you do run a higher risk for addiction if it is part of your genetic makeup. 

Whether or not it can be pinned as solely responsible, environment can and most definitely does play a part in the lifestyle a person chooses.  Social environment is a big factor in how we react.  Abuse, depression, lack of education and low economic social status are linked to higher addiction rates for drugs and alcohol.  Once again, these are just contributing factors and do not mean that a person has an addiction problem.  There are many other tell-tale signs that someone is struggling with addiction and could benefit from checking into a rehabilitation center.

One specific example of environment contributing to a person’s lifestyle would be in New Mexico.  Drug addiction is a very large problem in New Mexico, specifically because they are so closely located the Mexican border.  Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico are large cities.  Because of their location and population, they are targeted by drug runners.  Many of the drugs that make their way from Mexico to various locations around the United States make stops in major cities like these.  Any recovery center in the New Mexico area is probably more than aware of the growing addiction problem in this southwestern state.  Taos, New Mexico is located approximately eighty-five miles north of Santa Fe, where Vista Taos rehabilitation center is located.  Center staff are aware of the rampant drug addiction problem in the New Mexico area, and assist many residents, however they also receive patients from neighboring states and all across the country.  They are capable and willing to help addicts work towards a successful personal transformation.

A recovery center may be the best place for someone who needs assistance with their addiction, but getting them there may prove difficult.  The science behind addiction is that addicts do not wish to admit they are committing any sort of wrong-doing.  It often comes down to the person getting in some sort of trouble with the law before treatment at a rehabilitation center enters the picture.  That can be before, after or in place of a jail sentence to address their addiction.  It makes sense to start at a recovery center, before the situation gets worse.  Sadly, it sometimes takes a disaster to serve as the intervention. 

It may be scientifically proven that it is in our nature for certain people to become addicted, but it is only if we nurture that genetic fault that it will get the best of us.  A rehabilitation center could be a life-saving decision to make.  This article is dedicated to September being National Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month.  Addiction is a disease, whether inherited or learned.  Fortunately, it is completely treatable.  There is no addiction that cannot be conquered.  This month, drug awareness groups like the NIDA: National Institute on Drug Abuse will spend resources informing the general public not only in New Mexico, but in places all over the United States on the warning signs and dangers of drug addiction.   Treatment programs, like that offered at Vista Taos Recovery Center can help.  Education and complimentary therapies are also key elements to achieving success with long term sobriety, through the help of rehabilitation center that believes in their patients. 

We know that there are reasons for addiction, but we still are not able to genetically test for those reasons.  Scientists are getting close, but at this point it is just too hard to find the genetic variations that lead to this specific disorder.  With education and awareness continuing to be spread, along with the availability of a recovery center with exceptional resources, drug and alcohol addiction is treatable.

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