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Musician Pete Doherty Jailed for Cocaine Possession

English singer, songwriter, poet and highly-publicized drug addict Pete Doherty has been sentenced to 6 months in jail after being charged with cocaine possession. This is not the first time Doherty has been arrested for drug possession, nor the first time he has served time in jail. He has a lengthy list of drug-related offenses and has stayed multiple times at various drug rehabilitation centers. Cocaine addiction is complicated; addiction therapy really needs to be tailored not only to the drug being abused, but for the abuser as well.

Cocaine is very easy to become addicted to. When drugs affect the pleasure sensors in our brains and produce feelings of empowerment and euphoria, addiction is likely soon to follow. The problem is, cocaine addiction can quickly cause a user to build up a tolerance; more and more cocaine is needed to maintain the desired high. It’s a common drug term known as: chasing the dragon. No matter how much you use, users will often agree they never feel as good as they did when they got their first high from cocaine, or when they stopped for a prolonged period of time and then started up again.

The body’s tolerance to cocaine is really not much of a tolerance at all. The body does not tolerate the drug any more than it did when a person first starts to use it. It is blocking receptors and causing problems in the brain’s tissue; it does not want more of the drug, your brain just makes you think you want more. Cocaine addiction can easily lead to death from heart failure for those who try to find that first-time high feeling. It’s not worth your life. Cocaine is one of the more expensive and self-destructive habits you can have. If you or a loved one need help with cocaine addiction rehab, please contact New Mexico-based rehabilitation clinic: Vista Taos Renewal Center. Taos is a quiet village, north of Albuquerque. It sets the scene for a peaceful rehabilitation experience.

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