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Montel Williams Arrested for Drug Paraphernalia

Famous former talk show host Montel Williams is now facing legal problems when TSA agents found drug paraphernalia on his person as he was passing through a security checkpoint at an airport in Milwaukee this month. It was a pipe used for smoking marijuana. Williams ended his long career as a talk show host recently after announcing that he is battling Multiple Sclerosis and is retiring to take care of himself and treat his disease. He has been an advocate against the legalization of marijuana for treatment, like MS. In some places it is legal to have marijuana for medical purposes, but this was not the case in Milwaukee for Mr. Williams.

Though Montel Williams may benefit from medical marijuana, there is a problem with people who “self-medicate” with drugs like marijuana and prescription sedatives. They’re reasoning is not MS, cancer or the other health problems where medical marijuana use has been studied and reflects positive results. They’re usually struggling with life and are depressed. They become addicted to these drugs to help them simply survive their environment. Drug treatment at Vista Taos Renewal Center in New Mexico can help those who feel the need to self-medicate. The addiction is what will keep you sick. Depression or other emotionally related problems can be overcome without drugs. If prescriptions are needed, they can be monitored by a physician. Vista Taos provides drug treatment in Taos, New Mexico, and is prepared to help those who are in need of expert addiction therapy from drugs like marijuana, prescription sedatives and more. Do not self-medicate to overcome life’s challenges, self-improve.

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