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Methamphetamine (Meth) Addiction on the Rise

Many states in the lower part of the U.S. have seen increasingly higher numbers in the amount of users of methamphetamines. A recent study completed throughout the western states showed a significant amount of meth showing up in work drug screening tests done in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, California, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona.

The study was prepared by Quest Economics and they found that Hawaii’s amount of positive screenings of meth were 410 percent greater than the national average. That number is astounding and brings into question why this state and other states with high meth users are so significant. What leads these states to have such an extreme amount of meth addiction users?

It makes one wonder if the state of the economy has anything to do with it. From people depressed about not having jobs to those who might choose to make meth labs as a method to make money because they cannot get a real job. But meth addiction is a dangerous and disfiguring disease. Not only does it destroy your insides, but it also ruins your teeth and skin.

For meth addiction users, the drug creates intense periods of euphoria, alertness, concentration, and energy as well as irritability, restlessness and aggressiveness. With the economy suffering, it seems more people are turning to this drug in order to “survive” especially those juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet. But there is a better way to function in life that does not involve drugs. Meth addicts have poor judgment, and wreak havoc on their loved ones and health. With the right type of counseling and treatment, those using meth as a means to survive can now find a healthy way to cope with the struggles of life without ruining their lives and the lives of the ones who love them the most.

If you or a love one is suffering from a meth addiction, or any other type of drug or alcohol addiction, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call Vista Taos today. They are there to help in the most positive and enlightening way possible and their mission is to help those in need get the treatment they need to lead a better life free of drugs.

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