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Meth Manufacturers Costing Taxpayers Millions in Hospital Bills

A new, very dangerous method for making the drug methamphetamine, also known as meth, has begun to cost taxpayers millions of dollars. The drug-making method is known as the shake-and-bake method because producers must pour dangerous chemicals together in a plastic soda bottle and shake to mix the concoction. The chemical reaction bakes the drug within the bottle, but it means that a slight mistake can make the mixture blow up in the “chemist’s” face.

Although this method is so dangerous that thousands of meth cooks are harmed by brewing the chemical drug every year, it remains a method of choice for a number of reasons. First, the chemicals used in the concoction are quite common and readily available. Second, the method can be employed anywhere, from a car to a stall in a public restroom. And third, the drug can be made in minutes rather than hours using this new soda-bottle method.

Unfortunately, the dangers of disfiguration, chemical burns and death don’t outweigh the ease of operation for many drug-makers, and hospitals and taxpayers have had to shoulder the financial burden of meth injuries. Many meth cooks are uninsured, so when an accident does occur, the typical $130,000 cost of hospital treatment alone (not counting rehabilitation costs) often either forces hospitals to close burn units or forces the government to cover the cost.

Meth addiction does not appear to be ending soon, though. Many of those injured in meth accidents continue on the meth addiction path, since the drug is so addictive. However, when those suffering from meth addiction seek help at a drug rehabilitation center like Vista Taos in New Mexico, they are more likely to kick their meth addiction and begin life afresh. Contact Vista Taos today to learn about the meth treatment program they offer as well as the complimentary therapies that provide comfort and ease stress affiliated with drug detoxification.

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