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Marijuana Study Posts Unusual Findings

According to a new study completed in Jamaica, smoking cannabis during pregnancy may not be harmful to the fetus. Instead, it could have the potential to increase levels of social engagement in infants.

The study was completed by Melanie Dreher, the dean of nursing at the Rush Medical Center in Chicago. Dreher studied babies born in Jamaica to determine if solely smoking marijuana produces the same low birth weights and neurological dysfunctions seen in American-born babies. Surprisingly, the study showed that daily cannabis smoking did not affect babies born to Jamaican mothers.

Researchers and medical professionals have theorized that the studies completed in the United States may have been skewed by the mothers’ additional use of hard drugs or alcohol during pregnancy. Whereas U.S. mothers commonly used both pot and hard drugs/alcohol, smoking pot can be a daily occurrence in Jamaica while drinking alcohol is limited.

The study also indicated that smoking cannabis during pregnancy may promote levels of social engagement. Dreher studied the infants at one year of age and found that babies born to pot-smoking mothers were more apt to socialize, were easier to engage, and were quicker to make eye contact than babies born to mothers in the control group who did not use marijuana.

The findings are surprising, but at this time they are in no way conclusive. Many more studies need to be completed before pot usage during pregnancy is considered beneficial or even safe. If you are expecting a child soon, it is still highly advised that smoking marijuana be avoided. The mother may also wish to contact a marijuana treatment center like Vista Taos. At the marijuana treatment center, a pregnant woman can work with specialists in order to quit smoking cannabis for the health of her unborn child. Contact a marijuana treatment center as soon as possible.

Smoking marijuana absolutely puts dangerous carcinogens into your body and that of your unborn baby. The THC in marijuana is not filtered out by the placenta; many of the same risks associated with cigarette smoking also come with this drug, including lung and esophageal cancers. For more information on having a healthy, addiction-free pregnancy, contact Vista Taos Renewal Center today.

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