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Marijuana Charges Leaves Texas College Football Player in Hot Water

Willie Jefferson was the receiver for Baylor University’s football team in Waco, Texas.  After his second arrest for drug charges within weeks of each other, the Baylor football player has been ‘fired’ from the team.  The sophomore was arrested in Texas for marijuana possession twice; once while he was the driver and fellow Baylor receiver Joshua Gordon was a passenger.  Both were arrested that evening on drug charges. 

When celebrities like actors and athletes get caught up in drug problems, once it enters the public light, it becomes difficult to shed that association.  Usually, it’s expected to see them enter a drug abuse treatment center to try and clear their name.  Sometimes it’s successful, but other times it is just for appearances.  Unfortunately, it’s easy for celebrities to slip into a pattern of addiction.  That’s why it’s important for them to take treatment seriously.  They’re not immune to losing their celebrity status…especially athletes.  A bad run with drugs or other legal troubles could mean never being signed to another team if the current one terminates your contract. 

Vista Taos Drug Abuse Treatment center wants everyone, no matter what their social status, to experience a life without addiction.  Their programs are led by licensed experts in the field of addiction.  One drug abuse treatment center is not necessarily the same as the next, so do your homework.  If you or a loved one have an addiction and are ready to start the journey towards a new way of life, consider Vista Taos Drug Abuse Treatment Center offering primary and extended care residential treatment to meet each individual’s needs.  

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