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Malt Beverages are Lowering Alcohol Content

Lately, the news has reported that popular alcoholic beverages like Four Loko, Spark and Tilt have been becoming problematic amongst young consumers. College-aged adults have been over-indulging on these highly alcoholic, caffeinated drinks. There have been numerous cases of alcohol poisoning because of the ingredients in these beverages.

When caffeine is mixed with alcohol, the message that the body has had enough alcohol gets lost in translation. Over-consuming these sugary drinks is easy. Many who enjoy them say they can barely taste the alcohol. Some drinkers like to add a bit of vodka or even rum, a dangerous combination. Just because you cannot taste it does not mean there is not enough.

Anheuser-Busch is the manufacturer of Tilt. The content of alcohol is 12% in a 24 ounce can. It will be lowered and ready to sell at an 8% alcohol level this summer. The controversy of these energy/alcohol beverages started late last year when many problems with Four Loko, another malt beverage won the nickname “blackout in a can” by consumers. It was easy to drink too much and have very little memory of the events of the evening.

Lowering the alcoholic content of these products is a good start, but many who have a poor relationship with alcohol will continue to boost the percentage by adding other spirits to the drink. These people are clearly abusing alcohol. They are in need of alcohol treatment.

Alcohol may be legal, but it is deadly. There are about 76,000 deaths a year in the United States because of alcohol, according to the CDC. It is most likely higher, because certain cancers and cirrhosis caused by alcoholism have been omitted. There are also the obvious cases where a person dies from an alcoholic overdose and the family refuses an autopsy or fails to report it, due to embarrassment. If you do not seek alcohol treatment, it could cost you your life.

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