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Make Your Recovery Journey Successful by Learning to Cope with Stress

Recovering addicts know that relapse into former addictive behaviors is always a possibility. The residential treatment program at Vista Taos aims to teach recovering addicts coping strategies and new lifestyle habits that will maximize their chances of successful recovery and minimize future relapses. Complementary therapies like massage, yoga, acupuncture, and meditation are all offered at Vista Taos’ residential treatment program as innovative ways to address aspects of the addiction recovery process. One aspect all these complementary therapies address is stress–something recovering addicts are certain to feel before, during, and after their stay in a residential treatment program.

Vista Taos knows the importance of controlling stress in safe, natural ways, and a new study indicates that this focus plays an important role in successful recovery. Researchers found that recovering substance abusers who dealt with stress through avoidance reported twice as many substance cravings during a stressful day as those who used coping skills to deal with them. It makes sense, then, that addicts who know and use coping skills to deal with stressful situations have a better chance of staying in recovery and avoiding relapse.

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