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Lindsay Lohan’s Behavioral Issues in Rehab

Once again, Lindsay Lohan has stirred up trouble during her treatment process at a drug rehabilitation center in California.  She has been investigated for battery against a female staff member at the treatment center, but that report ended with the employee being fired for confidentiality problems.  The employee consented to give an interview about the abuse she received from Lohan, which was not allowed by the center.  Staff members are not allowed to give out names or information about patients staying at the Betty Ford Center.  

Sources state that Miss Lohan and other patients who are under order to remain in the care of the facility to receive drug rehabilitation left without the center’s knowledge to consume alcohol.  This isn’t the first time she has been a patient at a rehabilitation center.  She was ordered to return until January of 2011 for violating the terms of her court order for drunken driving.  Perhaps the center is not the best place for her to get sober.  When she was asked to submit a breathalyzer test, she allegedly attacked the staff member.

When a court order is put in place to make someone enter rehabilitation for drugs or alcohol, it can be much more beneficial than if the person is simply sentenced to jail time.  However, the person has to want to become sober.  It appears obvious that Miss Lohan has some dependency issues that are not being addressed or treated to the fullest while at the clinic.  Her next mistake she makes while on probation could result in an even heftier incarceration sentence. 

Vista Taos Drug Rehabilitation in New Mexico has helped so many people get the help they need to overcome their addictions.  There is hope for those who have an addictive style, like Lohan, as she is only 24 years old and has now been to drug rehabilitation five times.  Could this final stay be the one that keeps her clean?  It all depends on the patient’s desire to be an active participant in her treatment to achieve long term recovery.

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