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Lindsay Lohan Returns to Rehab

Lindsay Lohan’s life has been a media circus for the past couple of months.  Her previous stint at a drug abuse treatment center proved worthless, as she was released quickly and then relapsed almost as soon as she was discharged.  She stood before a judge recently, wondering if jail time was once again a reality for her, but thankfully—she’s back in rehab.

She was ordered to attend an extended treatment program at the Betty Ford Center.  It is expected that she’ll spend 90 days in the drug abuse treatment center, including the upcoming holiday season.  Did the judge make the best decision?  Most likely yes, as prison does not offer the proper drug abuse counseling she needs.  However, her last stay at the clinic ended poorly.  Hopefully everyone, including the staff will take her recovery process seriously. 

The differences between these centers and Vista Taos Drug Abuse Treatment Center in New Mexico are vast.  Vista Taos does not look like a medical facility.  Located in a serene, beautiful setting to optimize the treatment experience, the center employs some of the most compassionate and experienced addictions treatment staff in the area.  They also offer an extended stay program, called Casa Feliz, similar to the extended care program at Betty Ford Clinic and understand how important it is that patients endure the entirety of the treatment process. 

Hopefully, when Lindsay Lohan is released in early January  2011, it will be the last time she has to stay at residential treatment program.  Outpatient care is so important for people struggling with addiction.  She’ll be in touch with her probation officer, but she should also be receiving counseling and guidance from an outpatient professional to help her ease back into the Hollywood lifestyle without slipping back into her substance abusing ways.  Drugs and alcohol appear to be just as much a part of Hollywood as the red carpet, but many have proved you can hold a successful career in the starlit city without the help of addiction.  Vista Taos wishes her the best.

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