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Learning to Forgive: Moving through Drug Rehabilitation

When substance abuse finally brings a user to drug rehabilitation, many things have to happen in order for treatment to be a success.  One of these things is self-forgiveness.  Until you learn to love and forgive yourself for your mistakes, you cannot move on.  Forgive yourself and allow your mind and spirit to begin the healing process.  Then you can move forward and patch relationships that were damaged by addiction.  Forgiving yourself may also mean giving permission to leave some relationships behind you. 

Just a few short months ago, Houston Texas police interrupted a major drug ring.  Coming from Mexico into Texas and then to pre-determined routes all over the rest of the United States, methamphetamine and cocaine dealers were finding buyers in the state of Texas all too easily.  Because of its location to Mexico, drugs often make their first stop in Texas.  It’s no surprise that the drug problems in Texas are growing at alarming rates.  This drug bust took two tedious years to plan and execute and yielded a graveyard of garbage bags filled with drugs taken off the streets.  However, it’s just a drop in the bucket to stopping the drug rings that provide an ongoing supply to addicts in Texas.  Drug rehabilitation centers have been working hard to develop sincere and successful treatment options for those battling an addiction to drugs.  Drugs, alcohol and the ever-growing prescription drug problem that is taking the country by storm are being looked at by professionals who are determined to present a solution. 

Just a state away, Vista Taos Renewal Center located in Taos, New Mexico, provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment services to those seeking a new start.  If you’re in Texas and are ready to begin the path to forgiveness and recovery, please contact the expert staff at Vista Taos.  Drug addiction does not go away by itself.  It habitually has a very unhappy ending.  Seek treatment at a reputable drug rehabilitation facility.  ‘To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.’ —Lewis B. Smedes

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