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Jeff Conaway in Coma After Suspected Opiate Overdose

Jeff Conaway entertained America with his roles in Taxi and Grease. His most recent role, however was on Celebrity Rehab, a reality show cousin to Sober House. In the reality show, Conaway opened up about his past; cocaine, alcoholism and pain pill addiction plagued him. A back injury fueled his opiate addiction; Conaway has had 5 back surgeries to date. After each surgery, opiate pills like Vicodin or Percocet are used to treat the pain for a week or so following the operation. Conaway admits his pain has not gone away; his depression and chronic pain are what pushes him to drink and continue to abuse opiates.

In mid-May, Conaway was reported in critical condition at a hospital because of a suspected overdose because of his opiate addiction. At the time, he was in a coma and completely unresponsive. Conaway died on May 27th. The cause of death was stated as pneumonia, however his physician stated that his many years of dependence on prescription painkillers ultimately cost him his life.

Conaway’s health had deteriorated through the years, most likely because of his addiction to prescription drugs, cocaine and alcohol. In 2008’s season of Celebrity Rehab, he was often seen in a wheelchair, needing help to get around, use the bathroom and general grooming. His attitude was more about getting pills then working with physical therapists or drug addiction specialists to get better.

Opiate addiction is not something to let drag on, as it takes years away from you quickly. Prescription drug abuse is hard on your organs and body systems. After a short period of addiction, your heart, kidneys and liver can be damaged beyond repair. Opiate addiction is a death sentence. Please contact Vista Taos Renewal Center to learn more about the dangers surrounding pill abuse. A premier southwestern rehabilitation facility located just 85 miles north of Santa Fe, Vista Taos is the healthy environment you or your loved one needs to experience successful opiate abuse treatment.

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