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Jaime Pressly Arrested for Drunk Driving

Television star Jaime Pressly, best known for her work on My Name is Earl, has not had a good start to 2011, as she was recently arrested in Santa Monica, California for driving under the influence of alcohol. A late-night traffic violation can quickly turn into bigger legal problems when people choose to drink and drive. If you have an addiction to alcohol, you must consider getting help as soon as you can. When you consume too much and get behind the wheel of a car…you are not only putting your own life at risk but everyone else who is on the road as well. Is your addiction really worth your life? How about the life of an innocent person?

As if an alcohol addiction isn’t enough to bring stress into your life, consider what happens when you get arrested for a DWI charge. Could losing your license mean losing your job? What will your family do and how will you get around when your license is revoked? Are you prepared to pay a high-priced DWI attorney for representation in court? Did you know you also get a separate DMV hearing in some states? And that’s if no damage was done at the time of your arrest. You can add on more civil court should you have done damage to personal property not belonging to you.

The truth is, alcohol addiction is hurting more than just you. It affects everyone that comes in contact with you. Families suffer quietly when dealing with alcohol dependence. They can crumble under the weight of it all. In a breathalyzer test, Pressly blew almost three times over the legal limit. She is lucky she was arrested, because she may now be court-ordered into treatment and will see the error of her ways. She has a 2 year old son at home.

Vista Taos Rehabilitation Center in New Mexico is ready to help you or a loved one with alcohol addiction. They stress the importance of family-involvement at the facility and welcome your family and significant others to join and heal with you. Call Vista Taos for alcohol addiction information and learn how this year can be a better year.

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