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Ivy-League Cocaine Deal

A Columbia University student recently admitted to selling cocaine in what has been said to be one of the biggest drug busts on an Ivy League campus. Harrison David, an engineering major, is one of five students arrested that were allegedly involved in the drug ring that was uncovered when David sold to an undercover police officer. Only David has pleaded guilty and now faces six months in jail and five years of probation.

Through the students’ drug operation, they were illegally selling multiple types of medications and drugs out of dorms and fraternity houses located on Columbia’s campus. Undercover officers bought a staggering $11,000 dollars worth of various drugs from these five students before arresting them on charges of selling and distributing drugs.

They have all pled not guilty and are looking to the court to get cocaine rehab instead of having to serve time for their offenses. Unfortunately for them, the court might not be so inclined to just give them treatment for cocaine addiction without also punishing them for breaking the law.

But the students involved are hoping that cocaine rehab will not only get them the help they need to live a drug-free life, but also grant them some lenience with the court for taking the initiative in getting away from an illegal and unhealthy lifestyle. All of the students have admitted to having problems with drug addiction. If they do follow through with getting treatment for cocaine and other drug-related addictions, it could potentially get their charges dismissed or, at the least, dropped down to misdemeanors.

These students all had bright futures ahead of them and were blessed to attend a prestigious school. Due to addiction, all those bright futures have been put on hold. But it is never too late to get the help needed to conquer addiction and get back on the right track to a drug-free life. For more information on cocaine rehab or any other type of drug rehabilitation, please contact Vista Taos today for experienced drug and alcohol treatment in the New Mexico area.

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