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In Hindsight, Celebrity Rehab was a Bad Idea

Recently, Bob Forrest, a long-time recovered addict and also one of the creators of the show, Celebrity Rehab, opened up about his thoughts on creating a reality show about celebrities going through addiction rehabilitation. He claims when he first created the show, he wanted people to see how difficult battling an addiction can be and that the rehabilitation process is not a joke, but a serious process. He hoped that by showing the process to America, that it would bring more empathy and a different perspective to those who struggle with addictions.

When someone is suffering from a problem with substance abuse, their lives are usually slowly falling apart before their eyes. So when someone makes the decision to get better and gain their lives back by going to addiction rehabilitation, the last thing they need is to be on display for all to see as they wean themselves off drugs and try to get their lives back.

Forrest is seen on Celebrity Rehab as one of the counselors to the celebrity patients on the show and works with the patients during group therapy. He now states the show has not turned out the way he thought it would and that the editing of the show is skewed. The tragic fact is two celebrities featured on this show have lost their lives through their addiction struggle, while others are still very publicly battling drug addiction. This can only lead to one conclusion, that documenting addiction rehabilitation is not a good idea and is the wrong way to truly try and get better and become drug-free. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, contact Vista Taos Renewal Center for more information on a healthy way to get sober and live a better life free of drugs. Private, peaceful rehabilitation is what Vista Taos’ New Mexico clinic is offering; it is the best choice for drug treatment because you are allowed to be yourself and heal without the watchful eye of media, strangers or producers.

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