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is hydrocodone addictive

Is Hydrocodone Addictive?

Hydrocodone and other opioids change the way people’s brains operate. They no longer seek the same pleasures in life, instead choosing to focus only on getting more drugs to satisfy their cravings. Thankfully, there are safe and effective treatments to help people with substance use disorders reclaim their lives.

Hydrocodone Effects and Uses 

Doctors prescribe hydrocodone (available in recognizable brand names like Vicodin) because it treats moderate to severe pain. It is the most commonly prescribed painkiller, despite evidence that it is highly addictive. Psychological dependence on the drug can occur almost immediately, and physical dependence can develop within five days to a week of use. As people use more and become tolerant, they need more hydrocodone to attain the euphoric feeling that accompanies its use.

Is Hydrocodone Addictive?  

Yes. Hydrocodone changes the way people perceive pain and their emotional reaction to pain. As they continue using, their brain and body stop responding to other pleasure signals and focus on the drug. Once people start ignoring the negative consequences of hydrocodone use and compulsively seek euphoria, they have an opioid use disorder.

People with an opioid use disorder can’t control or stop their use. They experience psychological and physical symptoms that include, but are not limited to:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Slowed heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Slowed breathing
  • Confusion
  • Fear and depression

It isn’t unusual for someone with a hydrocodone addiction to move to other drugs, such as heroin, that they can purchase on the street. They struggle with relationships and work. They may lie and steal in the pursuit of drugs. Fortunately, there are proven treatments to help.

Treatment for Hydrocodone Addiction 

Hydrocodone addiction and other opioid use disorders result in psychological, emotional, and physical harm. People need treatment focusing on healing the mind, body, and spirit to help them recover. 

Vista Taos Renewal Center in New Mexico offers a holistic approach to treating opioid use disorder that helps people reclaim their lives. We provide individualized plans for inpatient care with a small staff-to-client ratio. By helping people heal all parts of themselves, Vista Taos not only helps people get over their opioid use disorder, but also helps ensure long-term recovery success. 

Treatment often starts with medical detoxification to physically heal the body as it withdraws from opioids. During detox, Vista Taos offers round-the-clock care, medication management, and mental health treatment to help clients transition to sobriety.

When they are ready, we transition clients from detox to our primary program. Our clinical team uses several evidence-based treatments focused on helping people succeed long-term, such as 12-Step meetings, therapy, and relapse prevention education. What sets Vista Taos apart is our use of holistic treatments. Massage therapy, yoga, and meditation help people recovering from hydrocodone dependence heal their minds and bodies. 

Find Lasting Recovery at Vista Taos 

You or your loved one do not have to face opioid use disorder alone. Vista Taos is committed to helping people reclaim their bodies and emotional well-being. Contact our admissions office today by filling out our confidential online form. Take the first step in your recovery, and let us guide you through the rest.

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