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How to Shift to a Positive Mindset During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Have you been feeling more anxious, stressed out or irritable lately? Whether your favorite pastimes have been postponed indefinitely, or you are now trying to juggle new responsibilities such as homeschooling your children, we’re all adjusting to the “new normal” forced upon us by coronavirus.

During challenging times, your outlook can help make all the difference in staying mentally healthy and resilient. Here are some ways to shift your negative mindset to a positive one.

Negative: “My family and I are going stir-crazy stuck here at home.”

Positive: Self-quarantine represents an unprecedented bonding opportunity for you and your loved ones. You can stay safe and healthy while exploring new hobbies you can do together, such as cooking healthy meals or doing arts and crafts projects. If your family members were always on the go with separate interests before the need to observe shelter-in-place guidelines, now you can find joy in shared pursuits. If you don’t often tell your family you love them, these frightening circumstances create the ideal opportunity to do so.

Negative: “I or someone I care about will get sick.”

Positive: While it can be alarming to read statistics about the rapid spread of the virus, the reality is that you can take simple steps to protect yourself and those you care about. Observing social distancing, thoroughly washing your hands and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces are common-sense measures you can take to keep yourself and your family healthy.

Negative: “We’ll run out of our supplies during self-isolation.”

Positive: Be judicious about how you use what you have. If you’ve prepared for a lengthy period in self-quarantine, you probably have all the necessities set aside. And, if you do exhaust your supply of something such as a prescription, essential businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies remain open during this time. Learn what precautions to take before you leave your home, or better yet, see if you can arrange for contact-free delivery.

Negative: “There’s too much uncertainty right now; I’m starting to feel panicky.”

Positive: While you can’t control all the factors surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, and the headlines can be terrifying, you are in control of your actions. Calling loved ones, getting enough sleep and proper nutrition and setting aside time for activities such as yoga and meditation will all help put you in the driver’s seat during this unprecedented time.

Negative: “I miss my old daily routine, and I’m starting to feel lonely.”

Positive: You can use the need to self-isolate during COVID-19 as your opportunity to create healthy boundaries between yourself and people who bring negativity into your life. If you’re craving routine and predictability, create a new one that divides work, housework and relaxation time into distinct periods of the day.

Your Road to Recovery Awaits

In times like these, you will benefit from finding gratitude in the everyday moments. People who can remain open-minded and adapt to changing circumstances can bounce back more quickly in a crisis.

At Vista Taos, we remain open and committed to our mission of helping adults recover from the disease of addiction. Our housekeeping and maintenance staff are striving to follow proactive cleaning and sanitization protocols that supplement our programs and holistic amenities. Contact us to learn more about starting your healing journey in beautiful Taos, New Mexico.

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