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How to Plan Thanksgiving in COVID-19

The arrival of the novel coronavirus has forced us to make many changes to halt the wildfire spread of contagion in our communities. We’re now limiting trips outside our homes, washing and sanitizing surfaces and wearing masks in public.

Though the spirit of sharing and togetherness is integral to Thanksgiving, your holiday might need to look quite different this year. What changes can you make to plan Thanksgiving dinner amid COVID-19?

1. Keep Gatherings Small

The safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving amid COVID-19 is to do so only with members of your immediate household. While that might be a departure from your tradition of large family gatherings, public health officials suggest that a smaller gathering is the best way to keep all your loved ones safe and healthy – especially if anyone has health issues that make them more susceptible to getting a severe case of COVID-19. If your family insists on getting together, plan a small, outdoor gathering composed exclusively of people who share your philosophy about taking all the appropriate precautions.

2. Stay Close to Home

Thanksgiving is typically a busy travel week, with people traveling to other cities and states to go “home for the holidays.” However, this year, the experts say it’s best to avoid travel, if possible, to lower the risk for getting and transmitting the virus. “Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others,” the CDC said. If you must travel, limit contact with those outside your home for at least 14 days before attending a celebration, and shorten the duration of festivities this year.

3. Consider Food Drop-Offs

Most of us have favorite holiday dishes we look forward to every year. These may be recipes passed down through the generations, or time-intensive specialties that represent a labor of love. You can still enjoy sharing these beloved foods with at-risk family members without running the risks associated with self-serve, buffet-style dining. Prepare these dishes and drop them off without person-to-person contact, then enjoy a virtual Thanksgiving celebration to share the meal together.

4. Accept Change

Thanksgiving 2020 is going to look different from any other holiday you’ve experienced, and that’s OK. Due to the pandemic, you may not have the resources or mental energy to plan an elaborate meal with all the appetizers, side dishes and desserts you normally associate with Thanksgiving, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to hold yourself to a stressful or unattainable standard. Ask your family what elements of the holiday they value most. Keep those, and set the rest aside. A smaller gathering calls for a correspondingly trimmed-down meal.

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