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How to Get Out of a Rut

No matter how much progress you make in your recovery, there will likely be times when you feel like you’re taking three steps backward for every one you take forward. These ups and downs are typical, but if you don’t proactively shake things up, you could leave yourself vulnerable to a relapse. If your recovery goals have slipped off track, what are some ways to rededicate yourself to sobriety?

1. Evaluate Your Attitude

If life feels monotonous and unfulfilling, like you are merely going through the motions day after day, it may become challenging to find any joy or enthusiasm. If this lack of motivation has persisted for several weeks with no improvement, you may be dealing with a bout of depression. At this point, seeking mental health counseling is the best way to manage your symptoms and rededicate yourself to your goals. A trained therapist can also help you identify any maladaptive coping mechanisms and unproductive thought patterns that are holding you back.

2. Shake Things Up

When you need a quick way to get out of a rut, try stepping outside your comfort zone by trying new hobbies or activities. Consider signing up for a class on a topic that has always interested you. Become more connected to your community by volunteering for a cause you support, which will help you meet new people who share some of your interests.

3. Learn to Live in the Present

Getting sober can bring a host of complicated emotions to the fore. You’ll have to learn new, healthy ways to manage feelings you might have swept under the rug by drinking or using drugs. Establishing a mindfulness habit is one way to get out of a rut of negativity as you learn not to dwell on the harm you’ve done in the past, or worry about future events that may never become a reality.  

4. Spend More Time With Family and Friends

When you feel your motivation waning, surrounding yourself with positive people who support your goals can remind you of everything you’ve been working toward and what makes your efforts worthwhile. You can also ask these loved ones to help you stay accountable and celebrate your successes.

5. Attend Recovery Meetings   

If you need to get out of a rut, try redoubling your efforts to attend meetings of groups like AA or NA. During the pandemic, many of these groups have started gathering online, making it even more convenient for you to participate from the comfort of your couch. Millions of people have found lifelong sobriety by participating in 12-step programming, and these free meetings can be an invaluable resource as you look for ways to spark your enthusiasm.

Making Vista Taos Part of Your Recovery

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