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How Recovery Teaches Us to “Make Friends With Fear”

Many people with substance use disorders allow fears to prevent them from getting the treatment that can allow them to become the best version of themselves. In addiction recovery, fear can work against you – but if you learn to embrace it, it can become one of your most powerful allies. Here are some tips to help you make friends with fear. 

1. Think Positively  

Fear is a normal, healthy response to the uncertainties of life. If you’re weighing a major decision, it’s natural to feel afraid about making a mistake or leading others astray. When you think positively about fear, it becomes an asset instead of a weakness. In moderation, fear can help you practice more self-control and make better decisions in a world where so many factors are out of your hands.

2. Use Mindfulness Techniques 

Mindfulness is a crucial skill to practice in recovery because it keeps you grounded and helps you live in the moment. If you find yourself mired in regrets about the past, or fretting about future events that might not come to pass, you’ll find it more difficult to manage current issues as they arise. With the right techniques, you can easily bring more mindfulness into your daily life. 

3. Analyze What You’re Afraid Of

Fear can paralyze you, leaving you incapable of rationally thinking through your problems. When this happens, challenge yourself to analyze what you’re afraid of. Step back and look at the big picture, then break the obstacle down into smaller, more manageable parts. Often, you’ll realize the seemingly insurmountable hurdle wasn’t worth all the energy it took to get anxious about it. 

4. Lean on Your Support System 

In sobriety, you’ll find new allies who understand your goals and help you find new ways to work toward them. When you’re feeling anxious or fearful, have people you can confide in. Ask them how they handled a similar situation, or rely on them to be a listening ear when your worries threaten to overwhelm you. Take solace in the fact that you’re not alone, and that other people have successfully worked through the same challenges you’re facing. 

Achieve More Success by Making Friends With Fear

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