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How People Feed Opiate Addiction

Problems involving the substance abuse of prescription and non-prescription medication are on the rise, especially in these hard economic times. One of the biggest issues is the abuse of highly addictive opiates often found in various prescription painkillers. People are becoming so hungry to get their hands on these medications that they are attempting to break into pharmacies as well as use fake prescriptions to get the medicine their addiction tells them they need.

Recently, there have been multiple reports of pharmacies being robbed as a direct result of opiate addiction. Some common prescription drugs that contain opiates include hydrocodone and oxycodone. These drugs are highly addictive and the need for these drugs often takes over people’s lives. Sadly, some of these pharmacy break-ins have even resulted in people being shot and killed- all to feed an opiate addiction.

In many cases, these are real people with medical conditions who find themselves addicted to prescription medications just like drug addicts.  Opiate-based pain medication can be so addictive that a whopping ten percent of physicians who prescribe these medications are, in fact, dependent upon them as well. The seriousness of this disease is so severe that those suffering with an opiate addiction should make every effort to get the help and support they need immediately.

In beautiful Taos, New Mexico (just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico) Vista Taos Renewal Center provides a secluded and comfortable location where individuals can separate themselves from the real world and focus completely on becoming a strong and healthy person inside and out. If you know anyone suffering from this painful disease, please reach out to them and let them know there is help and things will get better as long as they try and work at it.

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