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How is Therapy Beneficial?

How is Therapy Beneficial?

When we are struggling with addictions and mental health challenges, reaching out for help can feel daunting, overwhelming and frightening. Sometimes we feel so ashamed of ourselves and our regrets that we don’t want to speak about them, let alone with a total stranger. We are afraid to deal with the past and all of the painful issues that will surface when we do. We have heard the countless stereotypes of therapists- that they get paid exorbitantly but don’t actually do much, that a friend or family member could just as easily listen to you vent about your problems for free. We’ve been told that therapy is only for wealthy people, that it’s pointless and a waste of money, that we should be able to figure out our problems on our own.

Having a therapist with whom you feel safe and comfortable can be one of the most helpful tools in your recovery. Oftentimes we are so entrenched in our depression that we can’t objectively think of solutions. When we are in crisis, we often think in circles and have a very hard time processing our thoughts and calming our anxiety. We might find our pain so debilitating that we become immobilized and can’t function. We become stuck and have a very hard time moving forward.

When we are in this place, things like therapy and self-care can feel impossible, but every small step we take leads to taking more steps. This process becomes the groundwork for our recovery. Every small change we make, every small thing we implement, adds up. Therapy can be one of those steps in our healing journey.

Therapy can help us in various ways. It can help us to organize, manage and process our thoughts and emotions. It can help us to think about things we might not have thought of, and it can help us think about things in totally different ways. Therapy can allow us to consider new possibilities and can help us come up with solutions we might not have been open to. It can help us to break the behavioral and thought patterns that have been holding us back. It can provide us the safe space we need to explore ourselves and all of our pain and fears. The right therapist can offer you the unconditional support without judgment that can be hard to get from friends and family whose feelings and opinions can cloud their objectivity and make them focused on their own perspectives rather than on what’s best for you. A therapist can help you to analyze your deep-rooted issues so that you can find a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

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