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How Do You Know If You Have Depression?

While everyone goes through emotional ups and downs, depression is a diagnosable mental illness characterized by a lingering sense of hopelessness and a general feeling that life is no longer fulfilling or worthwhile. This illness can happen to anyone, and without treatment, its severity can increase. Here are five warning signs that could indicate the need to reach out for help.

1.  Lost Interest in Hobbies and Activities

Depression can rob you of the joy you used to take in simple, everyday pleasures, making them seem like a thankless chore instead of something to look forward to. When you are depressed, it can feel challenging to muster up the energy necessary to get out of bed and get dressed, let alone do the things that are necessary to maintain your overall quality of life.

2. Difficulty Maintaining Relationships

Interactions with family, friends and colleagues is another part of life that may lose its luster when you are struggling with depression. If the idea of meeting friends for lunch or a shopping trip feels overwhelming, depression could be to blame. Symptoms of depression also include a reduced libido or inability to feel pleasure from sex, which may undermine your relationship with your partner.

3. Increased Fatigue and Sleep Disruptions

The chronic, crushing fatigue that often accompanies depression is another reason you might stop enjoying life. Depression can sap your energy reserves and leave you exhausted. You could wake up after a full night’s sleep and still feel tired, or find you are too drained to complete your typical daily routine.

Compounding the problem, there is also a link between depression and insomnia. Depressed people are more likely to have sleep disorders, and vice versa. When these two conditions simultaneously occur, they can magnify each other’s effects.

4. Anxiety

While depression and anxiety may seem like distinctly different mental health challenges, many people simultaneously have symptoms of both. If you frequently feel irritable or edgy, you could meet the criteria for co-occurring anxiety and depression. Isolation, avoidance and difficulty concentrating are some hallmarks depressed and anxious people share.  

5. Using Alcohol and Drugs as a Coping Mechanism

When you are depressed, you may look for any outlet to escape the persistent sadness and emptiness you feel. Though substance use may initially seem like an escape, it will eventually become a trap as the cycle of addiction worsens and you no longer feel like yourself unless you are drinking or using. Substance abuse can also bring about a cascade of physical health issues that will make your mental symptoms more severe.

Begin Anew at Vista Taos Renewal Center

When you are suffering with depression, you may get frustrated when well-meaning people tell you to “snap out of it,” and you wonder why you can’t. Eventually, you might reach a point where you believe you don’t deserve to feel well again, or that your loved ones would be better off without you. Recognizing that you are depressed is essential to getting help and leading a healthier, more fulfilling life.

At Vista Taos, we know how hard it can be to face the fact that you have a problem you can’t resolve by yourself. That’s why our compassionate professionals have created a holistic recovery program that will help you heal all facets of yourself. Reach out today to learn more about making a fresh start in beautiful Taos, New Mexico.

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