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How Can Treatment Help Me?

How Can Treatment Help Me?

The decision whether or not to get professional help can be difficult for many of us. Often when we are trying to make this decision, we are in crisis, are very depressed, or have hit “rock bottom” in our addictions. During these times, we often feel heightened levels of anxiety, confusion and hopelessness. We can feel overwhelmed and desperate. A loved one may have recommended rehab, it might be court-ordered and/or we might have considered or completed treatment in the past. Why is treatment a good idea, and how can it help us in our recovery?

In treatment, we can benefit from staff that has helped countless of people with similar challenges. Oftentimes, staff members are recovering addicts themselves. They can offer extensive wisdom and guidance, from their experience working with people in recovery, and from their own personal experience with their recovery. They can be there to help you with your personal challenges with the knowledge they’ve gained from their own healing process. They can offer emotional support, compassion, understanding and empathy- things we don’t always receive from the people around us and the societies we live in. Often addiction is stigmatized. Addicts are criminalized, shunned and shamed. Treatment can offer a safe space where we aren’t being judged and criticized. Being surrounded by people who have a personal understanding of the pain of addiction can be reassuring, comforting and therapeutic. It can provide us with a sense of safety, security and reassurance. Seeing firsthand accounts of recovery can bring us a tremendous amount of hope.

Our addictions often isolate us from other people. Friends, family members and loved ones might have cut us off. We might have cut ties with them, burned bridges or removed people from our lives. We might be in toxic situations or coming out of abusive relationships. Our anxiety and depression may have caused us to totally separate ourselves from the people in our lives and from society as a whole. Being in treatment can give us the community and connection we have been missing and needing. Isolating ourselves can compound and exacerbate our mental and emotional challenges and addictive behaviors. We often feel alone with our pain and don’t have people we trust with whom we can connect. When we are struggling, we often feel disconnected from our inner selves. Being in community, especially with people with similar experiences, can help us to reconnect with other people and with ourselves. It can make all the difference in our recovery.

Vista Taos can provide you with a safe and nurturing community to help you in your recovery. You don’t have to go it alone. Call (575) 586-5078 for more information.

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