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How Can I Use Journaling to Help Me in my Recovery?

How Can I Use Journaling to Help Me in my Recovery?

Journaling is powerful and effective tool that we can use in our healing and recovery. Writing about our difficult thoughts, emotions and experiences helps us to process, organize and manage them for ourselves. The writing process serves as a sort of release. When we write, everything we have buried deep within us is allowed to come to the surface to be processed and released.

Sometimes our fear and shame cause us to suppress our feelings. We bury them under our addictive behaviors and toxic thought patterns. We have a hard time understanding them. Expressing our feelings can feel impossible, and sharing them with other people can feel terrifying. Journaling provides us with a safe space where we can explore our innermost thoughts and emotions. Writing can help us to analyze things more deeply than thinking alone can, because when we write we don’t have to hold anything back whereas. Thinking alone on the other hand can cause us to forget things, to struggle to make sense of things, and to feel overwhelmed because we can’t possibly wrap our minds around everything. Writing allows you to get everything out and then look back at it to help yourself make sense of it all.

The writing process itself can be very comforting and soothing. It allows the energy within us to flow where it usually tends to be stuck and blocked. These blockages compound our pain by not allowing it to be released. Writing can help us to overcome these blocks. You might find that as you write you feel calmer and more at peace than you did before you started. Your heart rate and breathing may slow down, and you may feel yourself beginning to have more control over the many thoughts in your mind. When we’ve written out all our thoughts, they tend to feel much more manageable. Giving them structure and organization through writing allows us to process them more easily, whereas beforehand when they were festering in our minds, they may have felt chaotic, disorganized and tumultuous. When we look at our writing and see that these issues which felt larger than life and insurmountable can be compressed into the pages of a journal, we can feel less overwhelmed, less afraid, and more empowered to find solutions.

Writing is therapeutic and can be very meditative. It can help you to still your mind of its turbulent activity which often can block healing.

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