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Holistic alcohol rehab: How exercise can help you heal

There’s no question that exercise has health benefits–we all know that leading physically active lives will make us strong, healthier people. That is why Vista Taos offers complementary therapies like yoga and other exercise options as part of its thoughtfully designed holistic alcohol rehab program. Here at Vista Taos, we know that physical health influences mental health, and taking care of your body will aid in your recovery from alcoholism.

Holistic alcohol rehab programs like Vista Taos have long made physical health a cornerstone of addiction recovery, and a new study on exercise and alcohol dependence shows that holistic alcohol rehab may indeed have advantages over more conventional programs. The study looked at wheel-running in hamsters to draw conclusions about the relationship between alcohol intake and exercise. The researchers found that when hamsters ran more, they consumed less alcohol. Those that ran less craved alcohol more and drank more.

Hamsters are, of course, not human, but it’s likely many of the study’s observations will hold true for people as well. But instead of a giant hamster wheel, you have a much better option–a holistic alcohol rehab center like Vista Taos, where physical health and activity is given the attention it deserves.

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