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Hidden Dangers to Alcoholism

In a study released by the United States Department of Transportation, 2008 left 274 people dead in one statebecause of alcohol-related fatalities where a drunk driver was involved.  Some of these were the alcoholic themselves, but others were their friends, spouses, children and even innocent people who just happened to cross the same path.  Sadly, the 274 people that lost their lives due to a beverage were located in the state of Oklahoma. 274 is just for one year…in one state. 

There is another side to alcohol that many do not consider. There are no ingredients or nutritional information on bottles of alcohol.  But this may be soon to change.  Besides the damage heavy drinking can do to your organs, it can lead to obesity.  Alcoholic beverages are full of sugars that mean big empty calorie intakes for those who like to overindulge.  People may not realize that a beer has as many calories as a regular soda.  It certainly may not taste as sweet, but your regular beers contain about 150 calories. 

Alcohol rehabilitation centers like Vista Taos Renewal Center in New Mexico are all too familiar with the dangers that are involved with alcoholism, or any addiction.  There are dangerous side effects to addiction that people do not always see.  Alcohol rehabilitation centers have to do their best to counsel patients on the entire problem, not just the obvious issues of addiction.  Alcoholism is a serious problem.  If you or someone you care about needs assistance, get in touch with Vista Taos Renewal Center today.

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