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Heroin Addict Turns Ironman

Shane Niemeyer was a 27 year old heroin addict sitting in jail awaiting drug charges. He had failed a suicide attempt and was at an all time low. He was put in a straitjacket, leaving his feet to be his hands as he turned the pages of a sports magazine. The information on triathlons intrigued him. He wondered if it could be a good drug rehab for him…to exercise himself out of addiction.

This was in 2003 in an Idaho prison. Early spring of 2004, Shane was released from a prison drug program. He has completed eight Ironman races and nearly finished the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. In December of 2010, he was released from probation, making it the first time in 15 years (he is now 35 years old) that he is no longer in jail, in drug rehab or having to report to a probation officer for his actions. He feels like a new man.

These races gave him a reason to be focused on a positive source. Drug rehab can counsel you and help you to detox, but once you enter the real world, you have to commit to make a change to your life, or you could end up relapsing. Vista Taos Drug Rehab Clinic in Taos, New Mexico understands the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences once you leave the rehabilitative environment. In Shane’s case, he found the perfect solution to occupy his time. Triathlons take a lot of time to train for. You are constantly working to better improve your mind and body for the big race. He’s not only helping himself stay sober, he’s helping his health improve dramatically through the strength training, adding years back onto his life that drugs took from him. Let his story be the inspiration you need to dedicate 2011 to fighting your addiction. Call New Mexico’s leading drug rehab facility Vista Taos a call to learn more!

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