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HBO Celebrity Involved in Heroin Distribution

Actress Felicia Pearson of the show The Wire, plans to plead guilty for her involvement in a drug conspiracy case involving the sale of heroin. Ironically, in the HBO show, Felicia plays a character that is a Baltimore drug gang assassin. In reality, she was part of a Baltimore drug gang herself. She was one of 64 individuals who were charged back in March with being part of a conspiracy where they bought heroin from New York and marijuana from California and then sold the drugs on the streets of Baltimore.

Indictments claim that the members involved in the gang were dealt with in violent ways if they did not perform tasks they were given. For her part, Alicia only faces a misdemeanor charge, but what she needs more than anything is help with heroin rehab. Apparently, Alicia claims she grew up in an environment where she was hanging out with the wrong type of people and those people forced her to stay involved in this apparent heroin and marijuana drug ring.

For Alicia, this is not her first run-in with law enforcement. She has previously been arrested in 2008 on minor drug charges but was later found not guilty. Ultimately, Alicia decided to cooperate with police on the drug investigation was a cry for help and the best thing for her would be heroin rehab so she does not fall back into the same circle of people who influenced her in a negative way. Heroin is an ugly addiction that is very difficult to kick and not something to play around with.

Hopefully, Alicia will realize that rehabilitation can start her on the right track to a brighter future and get her away from the bad influences that have brought her down in the past. If you are suffering from an addiction to heroin or any of other type of substance, contact Vista Taos Renewal Center today and find out how you can change your life for the better. Vista Taos is located 85 miles north of Santa Fe in the small township of Taos. It stands to be a peaceful and expert source of finding sobriety.

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