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Hannah Montana Star Arrested for Drunk Driving

The sleepy LA suburb of Burbank wasn’t so sleepy on the morning of October 16, 2011. That Sunday morning, Actor Mitchel Musso of Disney’s “Hannah Montana” was arrested at 3:43 A.M. for drunk driving.

The 20-year old actor failed to slow down when approaching an unrelated traffic accident, and police became suspicious. Musso also did not obey police instructions, so he was issued a field sobriety test.

The test confirmed that the actor was driving under the influence. His blood alcohol content was well over the legal limit. Given his underage status, he was already in legal trouble and possibly subject to alcohol rehab upon arrest and trial.

Musso was taken to jail where bail was set at $5,000. However, after a few hours, the police allowed him to walk free without posting bail, citing his past good behavior as their justification.

Popular for his role as Oliver Oken on “Hannah Montana,” the young actor also sings, does a Disney cartoon voice over and hosts “Prank Stars,” a Disney reality show.

Disney has yet to release a statement about the actor’s future on each of his three Disney roles.

While it is hopeful this is an isolated event, precautions could be taken to ensure Musso’s alcohol rehab. He may be court ordered to attend alcohol rehab or could decide to pursue the rehabilitation on his own.

Whatever the case, if Musso does choose alcohol rehabilitation, centers such as Vista Taos can provide him the loving support necessary to his recovery. For exceptional rehabilitation from substance abuse issues, contact New Mexico’s finest in treatment centers: Vista Taos  Renewal Center.

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