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Government in California Not Happy With Medical Marijuana Distribution

Even though California law supports the existence of medical marijuana storefronts in their state, the United States government has other ideas. An October 7, 2011 a press article relayed that our federal government has begun to crack down on California’s medical marijuana storefronts.

The storefronts were targeted recently; letters were sent to 16 or more pot dispensaries requesting they close down their businesses. Prosecutors warned the storefronts and their landlords that if they did not shut down voluntarily within 45 days from the letter’s issuance, they could face charges and penalties.

Many citizens have wondered why marijuana is outlawed in the United States. Some sources believe that marijuana is not addictive. In fact, pharmacologist Leslie L. Iverson’s book “The Science of Marijuana” shows that only 10 to 30% of regular marijuana users become hooked and that withdrawal symptoms are not severe.  

So why crack down on medical marijuana storefronts? Well, marijuana can be a gateway drug. More often than not, it is a gateway leading to more drug use. Continuous non-medical pot usage can lead users to view other, more dangerous drugs in a new light, leading them to use crack, meth, PCP, etc. And these drugs can wreak havoc on their lives and on the lives of those who love them, often leading to the necessity of length, life-long drug rehab programs.

In comparison, if illegal marijuana use is caught before the transition to more serious drugs, drug rehab can be short and withdrawals can be minimal. If you or someone you know needs drug rehab for marijuana use or other drug use, Vista Taos Renewal Center can help, and is located in New Mexico, not terribly far from the state of California. Vista Taos helps people from all around the southwest, including the surrounding states of Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona. Contact them for further information.

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