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Glee Star Talks About History of Abuse

Most people know Cory Monteith as one of the stars of the hit TV show Glee, which is based on a group of eccentric teenagers who are inspired by song and taking Glee club to the top. On the show, Cory plays a football player with a heart of putty who all the girls adore and fight over throughout the season.  But Cory’s real life experiences during his teenage years don’t quite compare to the role he portrays on TV.

Cory recently opened up to the media about his own past struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction. Why did he feel the need to open up about his past now? Cory felt it was important for him to voice his own story and show that, even though he had his own struggles with addiction, he was still able to overcome it with drug abuse therapy and a commitment to a healthy life.

Cory explained in recent interviews that he would often cut class in order to go get high on marijuana or drink alcohol. He even admitted to dropping out of school at the age of 16, after being admitted to various different schools for troubled teens. At this time, Cory was spiraling out of control and his friends and family were frightened for his life. It was at the age of 19 that his family held an intervention in order to get him into drug abuse therapy.

Even though he went to rehab, Cory reluctantly fell back into his old ways. He ended up stealing a significant amount of money from a family member before he was given a choice: get help and get sober, or charges would be pressed on grounds of theft. Cory finally decided it was time for a permanent change for the better and decided to get help.

After moving to a small town to live with a family friend, he quit using drugs and focused on working hard at something instead of continuing to throw his life away. Now Cory lives an alcohol and drug-free life and could not be happier with how his life has turned out. If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, don’t hesitate to help get them the drug abuse therapy they need. At New Mexico’s highly-rated and exceptional drug rehab center, Vista Taos, patients are able to work through the struggles of addiction and learn how to live a healthy drug-free life.

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