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Getting the Family Involved in Drug Intervention

Never doubt the power of a well-staged drug intervention for the addict in your life. This form of tough love may seem intimidating to pull off, but know that it is in the best interest of the person you are doing it for. A family interested in helping a loved one through substance abuse is a powerful tool for recovery. Knowing the correct way to go about these events is going to help everyone in the long run.

Family and friends taking part in an intervention must be firm, but compassionate. The addict must not feel like they are being punished or being thrown from the circle, but rather being helped to start the drug treatment process. The idea of family-based interventions started in the 1960s by Dr. Vernon Johnson. His beliefs were that the family can step in and offer help before the addiction eventually killed the person. This process was supervised by him to stop financial hardships, divorce and jail time before the addiction led to it. Loved ones should not have to suffer along with the addict. Everyone is getting the help they need through proper intervention.

The most difficult step in an intervention is to get everyone in the same place at the same time. The addict in question needs to think the event taking place has nothing to do with their addiction, so they are less likely to back out at the last minute. The intervention must remain positive. Though the addict may become defensive and refuse treatment at first, the family and friends must continue to push that they are , in fact there for them and will continue to be a form of support through treatment at a rehabilitation center. Making the addict aware of what the drug is not only doing to their body, but how it affects everyone around them is incredibly important. Drug addiction is often a selfish act and many do not realize how their actions may directly hurt the ones they care for.

What if a family does not feel they could lead an intervention on their own? Well, there are ways to get professionals involved to coach you through the process or even show up at the drug intervention to offer assistance. For more information on professional drug intervention help, you can contact Vista Taos Rehabilitation Center in New Mexico to learn about those options.

An addict will often bring about many important questions that need to be answered to keep their mind at peace. They may need to know what will happen with their job or their children should they decide to enter inpatient treatment. A family should do their best to have these answers ready. A person’s boss can be involved in the intervention if it seems fitting. Knowing job security is on the other end of treatment can be very reassuring to an addict. It is also a good idea to prepare statements of what will happen if the addict decides to decline the drug intervention. These statements should be neutral, to the point and without personal comments about the person. For example:

“If you refuse to get treatment, you can no longer live in our home.”
“If you refuse to get treatment, we will not be providing you any financial assistance.”

As much as it pains a family to say these things to someone they love during a drug intervention, it is for the best. The follow-through is incredibly important and the group must remain strong, knowing it is the best possible choice for their loved one suffering from addiction. A rehabilitation center is the best place for someone with addiction, not jail. A properly coordinated drug intervention will encourage the addict to seek expert treatment and get the help they need. Never forget to tell them how much you love and support them and continue to be their cheerleaders during the drug treatment process. They will thank you once they have turned their life around for the better. Remember, there is no shame in feeling like you cannot handle the planning of a successful drug intervention. Do not hesitate to contact a professional to get assistance. In many cases, you may only have one chance to prove your point to someone suffering from drug addiction. Vista Taos Renewal Center can assist with providing referrals to professional interventionists.

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